Doctor Fires Longtime Assistant Because Her Cancer Is 'Distracting'


When Carol Jumper, from Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania, told her employer that she had cancer, his reaction was the last thing she expected. Though she had been Dr. George Visnich's loyal assistant for more than 12 years, he showed her little sympathy. In fact, he fired her in what must be the most insensitive pink slip ever written.


The letter penned on his office stationary started off very matter of fact: "You are currently engaged in a battle against cancer that will be demanding physically, mentally, and emotionally." He went on to say that her symptoms, medications, and side effects of chemotherapy would distract from her job in his office. "Because of this, I am laying you off without pay ..."

Never mind the woman just learned that she was battling cancer that affected her pancreas, liver, and ovaries. He was more concerned about his messages being taken and his paperwork filed. Talk about cold-hearted.

Jumper's fiance says that she was diagnosed after going to the doctor complaining of stomach pains, and her heartless ex-boss hadn't called once since she got sick. However, Visnich's attorney insists that the doc isn't all that bad. He told the local paper that Visnich laid her off so that she could collect unemployment benefits while undergoing cancer treatment "with the understanding that when she is feeling better, she can come back to work." Not sure I am buying that. Sounds like some major damage control.

Once she posted the letter on social media, Jumper amassed many outraged supporters who have formed a Facebook page called Bumper's Buddies to help raise money for her medical expenses. Now that is a lesson in humanity this doctor could use.

As cold as it was, do you think the doctor made the right business decision?


Image via © Roger Richter/Corbis

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