School Bans Use of Scary 'Medicine' -- Chapstick!

Are you addicted to Chapstick? I pretty much am, but thank goodness I'm not in elementary school anymore! Apparently the stuff is now considered a dangerous weapon. Grace Karaffa, 11, was refused the use of Chapstick in her Virginia school despite having bleeding lips, because it's perceived as some kind of dangerous medicine. Ermkay.


Karaffa had asked if she could use some Chapstick but was denied because of school policy that bans the use of the substance. Karaffa, who is trying to get the policy overturned, explained to the school board:

They said it was some sort of medicine, and it’s not because it’s just a little stick of Vaseline.

Apparently her lips were so dry, they were bleeding, but that didn't sway the school. WTH? I know schools tend to overreact to things (remember the school in Texas that banned sunscreen?), but this is really absurd. It's unclear if Karaffa had brought her own Chapstick and was asking to use it, or if the school had a secret stash of the illicit substance.

Okay, so if you can't use Chapstick, then what can you use for dry lips? Vaseline? Coconut oil? Anything? Dry lips are totally distracting and uncomfortable, dammit!

What could be the reasoning behind this? Could kids sniff Chapstick and become high as a kite? Would too much Chapstick cause one to become addicted? Could Chapstick be a gateway drug to harder "medicines" like lip gloss or lip balm?

One day it's Chapstick, the next you're smearing lip balm all over your body and gyrating on a stripper pole? What?

According to the school, Chapstick is an "over-the-counter medication" and therefore banned in schools. Children would need a doctor's permission to use it. A DOCTOR'S PERMISSION!!

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OMG, we are bringing up a generation of hysterical children who will think that anything and everything could kill them.

I blame you, parents. You get so hysterical over the slightest things that the schools are probably sick of it. So they've gone nutso too. Now I just wait for some parent to sue over their snowflake's chapped lips.

Do you think Chapstick should be banned in schools?


Image via Greta Ceresini/Flickr

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