Mom & Twins Die After Doctors Allegedly Refuse to Perform C-Section

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A mother dying during childbirth is one of the greatest tragedies there is. So we feel for Tafari Brathwaite, whose wife Victoria Rexach died delivering their twins at Richmond University Hospital. Now her family claims that she and her children died because the doctor ignored the mom-to-be's pleas.


Rexach, 30, was just five months pregnant when she went into premature labor in August. She had already given birth by C-section twice before, and her family insists that a high risk specialist wanted her to have another one. She reportedly told that to the doctors at the hospital; however, they went forward with a natural delivery. The twins both died within minutes after their births.

At that moment Rexach, who had lost a lot of blood, when into cardiac arrest. "She screamed and then she was just holding my hand and then her eyes closed and I kept smacking her face, telling her, 'Don't fall asleep on me, don't fall asleep,'" said Brathwaite. "She looked at me and said, 'Okay,' and then closed her eyes, and that was the last time I saw her."

Devastating. Simply, horrifically devastating. So often we hear about mothers fighting to have a natural birth when their doctors insist on a C-section. And that is actually a common procedure when there is a premature delivery or a high risk pregnancy.

The family insists that Rexach told doctors she needed a C-section because she was high risk, but they ignored her demand. Now the heartbroken dad is planning to sue the hospital and the city medical examiner is investigating. For its part, a hospital spokesperson said they worked "heroically" to save the mom's life but that she had a "complex obstetrical history."

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