Facebook Rejects Sick Baby's Picture But Seems Fine With Kitten's Torture

Hudson's Heart Rejected Facebook PictureFacebook needs to get its priorities straight, and this goes way beyond the usual "they banned my breastfeeding picture" contentions we usually hear about when we're complaining about the social media giant's censorship.

In the same time frame, Facebook has banned a photo of a sick baby boy who is in desperate need of a heart transplant from a fund raising page, yet has refused to remove a despicable video of a kitten being lit on fire and tortured to death.


So that's happening in the world.

North Carolina dad Kevin Bond says that Facebook removed a photo of his sick son in the pediatric intensive care unit because it was "too graphic." Hudson Bond was born on July 18, and it was discovered just a week later that the little guy would need a heart transplant to survive.

Hudson is hooked up to an artificial pump, but it's only a temporary fix, and he's on borrowed time. His dad took to Facebook to raise awareness and funds for the medical bills, but Facebook refused to advertise the page "Hudson's Heart" because a picture of him was "scary, gory or sensational, and evokes a negative response."

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"I was really hurt actually. I mean I kind of cried. He’s my son, I love him. And to have someone reject a picture … [of] my beautiful son lying in a hospital bed needing help -- that really cut me," said Bond.

He continued, "We love our son, we just want to share his story and raise awareness for kids like him and to see that request denied is hard considering some of the other garbage you see on that page."

What kind of garbage? So glad you asked, because meanwhile, kittens are being tortured with fire, and for some reason Facebook sees that as "free expression."

Say it with me now -- people suck.

The video (which I absolutely refuse to watch, because I don't want to spend the rest of my day weeping for humanity more than I have to), reportedly shows two men putting a baby kitten in a bucket, dousing it with gasoline, and lighting it on fire.

The cat escapes and terrifyingly tries to roll around to get the flames out, and according to reports, "the men wind up extinguishing the flames as the cat gasps for air. Just when it looks like it’s over, the men place a plastic bag around the kitten’s head."

Now obviously, to people with more than three brain cells to rub together, that's highly disturbing. Yet Facebook won't take the video down, and in a lengthy defense, stated:

While we do not allow content that directly encourages violence, we try to create a safe environment that balances people's desire to express themselves and in some cases condemn what they see ... Facebook's community standards say that graphic videos are shared on the site as a means of condemning the violence depicted, and raise awareness of instances of animal cruelty or atrocities committed worldwide.

Um, no. Not cool, Facebook.

Do you think Facebook should allow a picture of Hudson to be advertised, take down the kitten murder video, or both?


Image via Hudson's Heart/Facebook

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