Preschool Teacher Locks Toddlers in Closet to Teach Them Cruel Lesson

closetAll those parents nervous about sending their little ones off to school for the first time should probably skip this particular story. A Brooklyn daycare teacher is accused of locking toddlers in a tiny, dark closet all by themselves. The reason?


Shandra Fallen and her assistant Amellia Samuda claim they were teaching the 2-year-olds survival skills. Yes, folks, that is the answer she actually gave in her defense. There is no telling how long these sick lessons were taking place, but daycare owner Tatiana Ilyaich said she discovered what was going on after she heard crying coming from Fallen's classroom. She went in the room and found most of the kids taking naps on their cots. However, there were sobs coming from the closet. She opened the door to find a terrified little boy.

Instead of apologizing or being in fear of their jobs, the teachers laughed. They actually laughed. “It’s kind of a game we’re playing with the kids,” Fallen allegedly said. Needless to say, Ilyaich was alarmed and went back through the classroom video recordings to see if this had happened before. To her horror, it had. One poor child was locked in there for seven minutes.

This was not just sadistic, it's negligent. Really dangerous. That closet was filled with supplies. What if a child had gotten into something dangerous or if something had fallen on them?

This sounds like a form of abuse. The Administration for Children’s Services and the city Health Department said they investigated but it doesn't look like the police got involved. Those kids are entirely too young for that kind of “game.” But it appears that Fallen has gotten away with it with little more than a slap on the wrist. She lost her job, but there were no criminal charges filed. At the very least, those women should never be allowed to work with children again.

Do you think what this teacher did was a crime?


Image via © Jefferson Hayman/Corbis

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