Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Out of Restaurant After Ordering a Drink

Combine two of the most contentious issues when it comes to breastfeeding -- nursing in public and nursing while drinking -- and you get a social media war targeting one mom who dared to order a drink while (gasp!) breastfeeding her child in a restaurant.

Crystal Dize was out celebrating Labor Day at Big Woody's restaurant in Virginia, when she claims she was kicked out because she nursed her 11-month-old baby after ordering a beer and a shot called a "Fireball." Apparently patrons were concerned for the well-being of her child, because you know, no breastfeeding mother should be allowed to make her own decisions when it comes to having a responsible drink.


Dize said she was approached by the general manager after some other customers complained when they saw her nursing her baby with a shot in front of her. Here's what she said happened:

Just got told by the General Manager Danny that I need to be discreet breastfeeding my baby while outside on the deck cuz customers are uncomfortable. I stated it is a law that I can breastfeed in public and I am being discreet. That I will be more discreet. He says are you drinking? I said no I am drinking water. He then says he can deny service and we will be cashing out. So BOYCOTT Big Woody's. I am sooooo upset!! Please share. I told the manager I am posting to social media. I suggest a breastfeeding sit in!

Big Woody's responded in a statement saying they couldn't really respond, because they were still trying to talk to the waitstaff and other patrons to figure out what exactly happened. They did make sure to point out, however, "In our five years of being in business, this is the only issue involving the treatment of breast feeding mothers."

It's hard to tell if Dize was kicked out because she was nursing in public, or drinking while nursing, but either way, it's not cool. If she were visibly drunk, that would be one thing, but restaurants should cut off anyone who can't handle their liquor or has one drink too many.

But moms, even nursing ones, should have to owrry about being refused service because they have the audacity to order a drink and breastfeed their child in the same outing.

Do you think nursing moms should be allowed to order drinks when out to eat?


Image via Crystal Dize/Facebook

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