Mom Furious After School Makes Daughter Wear Bright Yellow 'Shame Suit' (VIDEO)

One mom is furious after her teen daughter was forced to wear a "shame suit" at school after she was called out for having a skirt that was too short. Dianna Larkin is upset that her daughter, 15-year-old Miranda, was humiliated in front of the entire school, which she had only begun attending three days before, by having to wear a large yellow shirt with big black letters reading, "Dress Code Violation."


Miranda, who had just moved from Seattle to Florida with her mom, had only been in school a few days and was already adjusting to being the new kid in school when she says a teacher pointed at her from across the hall and said, "Your skirt is too short." She had on a skirt that rose about two or three inches above the knee.

Miranda says the teacher gave her a bright yellow shirt and red slacks, both reading "Dress Code Violation," and when she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she burst into tears and broke out in hives.

The teen's mom feels that advertising something the teen did wrong for the entire school to see is a violation of her right to privacy.

Well, I don't know about that, but I do know there must be a better way to handle a dress code violation than humiliate a new student who is already nervous about fitting in anyway.

Though the school claims it also gives students the option of having someone bring alternative clothes to school, Miranda claims she was never given that option.

As a new kid in junior high, a teacher yelled at me for talking back and ordered me out of his classroom. I was forced to stand in the hallway as classes were let out and kids walked by and snickered at me. I'm sure the incident didn't help me make new friends. The memory was so traumatizing that it's as clear as if it happened yesterday.

In some ways, kids today are coddled to the point where any form of discipline is seen as an egregious human rights violation by parents who refuse to let their kids suffer even the lightest of hard knocks. This hardly prepares them for the real world, which will knock them around but good.

But why not teach teens that when they violate a code of conduct, they can be consulted with like sentient human beings rather than ordered around and humiliated like prisoners? At least on the first violation?

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Yes, "the shame suit" will probably make Miranda never forget the dress code again. But how about just talking to her? She was new and was unaware of the code. Why jump to humiliating her?

The school stands by its practice and doesn't believe it's doing anything wrong.

Do you agree with the school or the mom?



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