Biker Stabbed to Death on Way to Propose to His Girlfriend

A 28-year-old bike enthusiast had big plans for both the summer and the rest of his life, but they were cut short after a homeless man reportedly stabbed him to death while he stood outside of a McDonald's in Florida.

Kevin Adorno, 28, of Connecticut, was a graphic designer who had been embarking on an exciting bike trip from Maryland to Miami when he was attacked by a man he did not know while standing outside of the fast food restaurant. Adorno was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time when she says she heard the phone drop.

And when cops searched Adorno's backpack later on, they made an incredibly sad discovery: they found an engagement ring that the biker was planning to give to his girlfriend at the end of his trip.


Witnesses say Adorno stumbled into the McDonald's after he was stabbed. Someone began trying to administer aid to him, but it was too late. He suffered from stab wounds to his chest and arm and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The suspect has been identified as a homeless man named Rene Herrera Cruz, 59. Police say Cruz thought Adorno was speaking with people on the phone and ordering them to attack him. He also said he noticed a person using a laptop inside of the McDonald's and believed he was ordering a hit on him.

After he allegedly stabbed Adorno, Cruz fled to the Burger King across the street, where he was apprehended. He has been charged with first-degree murder.

If all of these facts are true, we can guess Cruz may have suffered from extreme paranoia, as police say he called 911 the night before the attack and told them he feared someone was trying to hurt him. If that is the case, I feel sad for him that he wasn't able to receive the help he needed. But I find it far more sad that he destroyed the life of an innocent man, his family, and a woman who was just days away from agreeing to start a brand new life with him.

I can't imagine the pain this poor woman felt as she heard sirens over the phone that day. My heart sinks for her knowing the horrifying way she learned Adorno was planning to propose. Her life will never be the same -- and all because of a senseless and random crime.

What consequence do you think the suspect should face?


Image via Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/Flickr

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