Mom Says Kindergartener Was Beaten Unrecognizable on School Playground (PHOTO)

Mom Lacey Harris was absolutely horrified when called to pick up her young daughter, AvaLynn, from her elementary school in the Pascagoula School District in Mississippi. The sweet little girl looked like she'd just gone 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Her face was swollen almost beyond recognition; she had two deep black eyes, a mouth swollen so badly it stuck out at least an inch from her face, and a bloody nose. According to Harris, little AvaLynn told her the shocking injuries were sustained when another child on the school playground kicked her repeatedly in the face. But the school is acting like AvaLynn did it all to herself.


In a Facebook and GoFundMePage set up for AvaLynn, who is in kindergarten, Lacey says she is fighting for justice for her daughter, as well as better supervision on the playground. However, both school and police don't seem to be treating this as a criminal matter.

A statement from the school, Arlington Elementary, read:

A student was injured while playing on the playground at Arlington Elementary School Tuesday afternoon. School officials responded to the situation. The parent was contacted and the student received medical treatment. No other children were involved in the incident. The Pascagoula School District remains committed to the safety of all its students.

The police also said: "Right now, there's no indication something criminal took place." The police appear to be leaving the investigating up to the school. Apparently no staff members saw what happened. How can they be so sure her version isn't correct then?

Unless this little girl picked up a hammer and repeatedly smashed her own face with it, these injuries appear to be much more than a little girl injuring herself on the playground.

Other parents have weighed in on AvaLynn's Facebook page, saying they are watching closely to see how the school handles the situation.

What is clear is that this poor little girl has gone through a major trauma, and she will need serious healing time. Lacey says she is touched by the show of support from the public and community. However, wary of other sob stories involving children that turned out to be hoaxes, Lacey is finding herself having to justify her fundraising account.

But given AvaLynn's extensive injuries, some of which will not be covered by insurance, and Lacey having to take time off work to be with her daughter, it's understandable the single mom would need some help. Also understandable is some of the skepticism. However, let the facts come out before the accusations fly.

Do you think a little girl could have caused these injuries herself?


Images via JusticeforAvaLynn/Facebook

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