10-Month-Old Baby's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Is Simply Horrifying

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Ok, I know the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is kind of all the rage right now, to the point where it's impossible to scroll through our Facebook news feeds without seeing at least one or two on any given day.

But after seeing a video of a 10-month-old taking the Ice Bucket Challenge after being forced to do so by her grandfather, I'm shocked, appalled, and somewhat speechless, as I'm sure you'll be too.

Apparently the baby's parents are going through a nasty divorce, and her dad, Claude Dalcour, was absolutely disgusted after seeing the video on Facebook.

The clip is a little blurry, but you can still see the look of pure horror on that baby's face after having ice water dumped on her head.


WFSB 3 Connecticut

Seriously? Are you believing this?

Um, what the hell was this dude thinking? I don't blame that little girl's dad one bit for going to the police ... wouldn't you?!?

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I mean, I know plenty of children have gotten involved and made their own challenge videos, but most of them did so willingly.

I don't care how much this man thought he was doing a good thing by supporting the cause -- getting his infant granddaughter involved is nothing short of irresponsible, not to mention downright cruel.

Hopefully her mother was just as horrified upon seeing the video as Dalcour was, because the thought of this child being left in the care of that man again after what he did to her is simply unfathomable. Seriously, would you ever entrust him with your kid again after a stunt like this? (I think not.)

Do you think the grandfather deserves to be punished?


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