Young Gay Man Beaten & Disowned by Family Gets Support From Unexpected Place (VIDEO)

gay man comes outMost people expect to have the love and support of parents their entire life. And as parents, we certainly plan to provide it. However, one Georgia couple has rejected their 20-year-old son for a reason they feel is totally valid. Daniel Ashley Pierce was disowned and beaten by his parents because he is gay. But that's not the story here. The real bit of news is what happened to him next.


When Pierce came out to his parents, their was reaction was cruel and brutal to say the least. They told him he was making a choice that went against God and that they could not accept it. It's especially astonishing that his mother said, "I have known that you were gay since you were a tiny boy." Yet she still refuses to embrace who he is.

Watch the heartbreaking confrontation:

It's hard to watch. To hear a mother tell a good kid that he is no longer welcome in her house is gut-wrenching. Even if you don't agree with his lifestyle, it's hard not to feel something for this poor kid as he pleads to stop being hit. He just wants the love and respect of his parents. But not only do they not accept the fact that he was born this way, but they want him out.

After that, his boyfriend made a surprising move -- he set up a GoFundMe page to help Pierce with living expense. It has raised nearly $64,000 from 2000 people. It's astonishing how much encouragement he received from perfect strangers after receiving so much hate and brutality from his own family. When he found out, this was his response:

Oh My you guys! I am in tears! I didn't realize that this was even set up for me! I am so thankful for all the comments, support and donations! I don't even know how to thank y'all! I wish I could give each and everyone of you a huge hug! I was trying to respond to everyone but I couldn't keep up!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is all just so amazing!!!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!


 It's heartwarming, isn't it?

Are you surprised so many strangers gave money to help this young man?


Image via © Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Corbis

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