Stripper Couldn't Help Cops Find Missing Daughter Because She Had to Get On Stage

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A Florida mom is accused of hanging up on cops trying to find her missing daughter because she had to "get on stage" to strip. On the outset, it sounds outrageous. After all, what kind of mother prioritizes her job as a stripper over finding her child? However, we shouldn't be too quick to judge this woman. Perhaps her back story actually warrants a little sympathy. She certainly doesn't deserve the obstructing justice charge she's been hit with.


Bobbey Jo Boucher's 10-year-old daughter had been missing for four hours when they reached out to her for information about the child. The little girl was last seen when her mom dropped her off at a barbecue on her way to work. Though she said she was the last person to see her daughter, cops allege she was too busy to offer them more help.

Needless to say, people have been enraged by her reaction. I think that it's very easy for people to pass judgment on how this mom should act or respond. But that life she leads and the things she has to do to make a living are really beyond most of our understanding.

I actually feel bad for this mom. I can't imagine having to do a job like that to support my family. It's a completely different reality and that's a fact I am grateful for. There are probably no sick days or salary. If she doesn't get on that stage, she doesn't get paid what is probably a barely survivable wage. And if she slips up, she would probably be fired in an instant. So, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt -- she may be beaten down emotionally, overwhelmed, tired.

And to be honest, we have no idea what that conversation with cops was like. Maybe they kept asking the same questions over and over and she grew frustrated. For her part, Boucher says she did not hang up on them and that the line disconnected when she tried to answer another call.

Fortunately, the little girl was found shortly after, but it was far from a perfectly happy ending as the cops then arrested her mom for obstructing the investigation.

Do you think this mom should have been arrested?


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