'Sister Wives' Rejoice -- Polygamy Is Legal in Utah Once Again

Sister Wives

Polygamy is legal in Utah again! And there was much rejoicing in the Brown household, as the Sister Wives can finally put their battle with the law to rest and just enjoy life in polygamous unity.

Federal judge Chuck Waddoups issued a final ruling on Wednesday in Utah's infamous polygamy case instigated by the openly polygamous Brown family, who star on the TLC reality show Sister Wives. The family sued in 2011 when the state threatened to come after them for violating cohabitation laws by living as husband and wife and wife and wife and wife, even though only one wife is legally wed to Cody Brown.


Utah's anti-cohabitation law was found unconstitutional in December 2013, but the court still had to rule on whether the family's rights had been violated after years of persecution by law enforcement. They famously fled their home for Las Vegas a few years ago, where they were able to live more freely.

Judge Waddoups' ruling not only made polygamy legal in Utah (for the time being -- there may be an appeals case), he also agreed that the Brown family had been unjustly persecuted, and they "are entitled to an award of attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses incurred in this action."

Holy moly! This is big news for a lot of religious groups who practice plural marriage. Although the LDS church officially banned polygamy in the late 19th century, there have been several offshoots that stuck with Joseph Smith's teachings on the matter. Plus, you know, non-Mormon-esque polygamists who just prefer the lifestyle. To each their own. But this could be a big step toward mainstreaming polygamy in the same way that homosexuality has become more culturally "normal."

Of course, they still don't have the same legal protections provided by legal matrimony -- it's still illegal to be wed to more than one person. That's called bigamy, y'all, and it's still a no-no. It's anyone guess as to whether they will pursue legal marriage equality, but for now, at least they don't have to worry about persecution just for living as man and wives.

Do you think polygamy should be legal?


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