Assistant Principal Caught Changing Son's Failing Grades

good grade, principal changes son's grade

We parents like to say we would do anything for our kids. However, I imagine most of us would draw the line at helping them cheat. Not so for Abdurrahim Ali. The New York City assistant principal snuck into the computer system and changed his son's grades for the better.


Ali didn't just change one bad mark. He reportedly changed grades of exams and entire courses. Apparently, his kid -- a basketball player -- was seriously struggling. But teachers say he didn't really try. "He would come to class, and then leave, and curse you out," said one instructor. "This was a remedial class. His son wasn't meeting standards."

Ali was the coach of the school's basketball team and was worried when his son's and other players' grades started to tank. When he was first approached with the allegation, he denied it. However, a whistle-blower had reported that he had changed his son's grades and that of another player. Eventually, he admitted the wrongdoing.

“I used my Bread and Roses administrator identification and password to log into the Bread and Roses student grading program and changed 11 of my son’s exam and course grades from failing to passing scores,” said Ali in a sworn deposition.

His son has since graduated -- surviving the scandal seemingly unscathed. But let's be honest here, his dad didn't do him any favors. If this kid was failing the minimum education standards, he needs tutors, not an easy way out. 

As for dad, he was fined $7,000 and he won't be able to return to his assistant principal post. BUT he will continue to rake in his $104,437 salary until the Education Department decides where to place him next. Anyone else wondering why he still has a job?

Do you think Ali should be fired because of what he did?

Image via © Jeffrey Coolidge/Corbis

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