Store Says 'Nazi Camp' T-Shirt for Kids Was an Honest Mistake

Zara Nazi Shirt

Remember that time a giant fashion retailer marketed children's pajamas that looked just like the outfits worn by concentration camp prisoners during the Holocaust? Yeah, that was now. Seriously you guys, this just happened.

Zara went on damage control on Wednesday just hours after the anti-Semitic shirt for children went on sale, flooding their Twitter page with apologies in multiple languages. The shirt was pulled from their online store, and promises were made to "destroy" all inventory. 


The company insists that the shirts were modeled after cowboy sheriffs in the Old West, and not on concentration camp uniforms forced on the Jews by Nazis during World War II. Even though they're black and white striped and feature a prominent yellow Star of David emblazoned on the chest. Um ... yeah.

To add insult to injury, the shirt was produced in Turkey, which has been picking on Israel under the rule of President-elect Tayyip Erdogan for defending themselves against Islamic terrorists in Gaza. How did their public relations miss this disaster in the making? Sheesh.

Backlash was swift. Comments on Zara's Facebook page include a lot of upset. I won't be shopping at Zara again! One commenter said, "The concentration camp 't-shirt' just goes to show some people have very short memories -- or just plain anti-semetic! You would have thought they would have known better -- sheriffs badge! Don't think so!"

Another read, "After your concentration camp tee shirt I was wondering when is your ZYKLON B perfume coming out?" Zyklon B would be the cyanide-based gas used to murder some four million Jews in the gas chambers.

Inditex, the parent company of Zara, issued a statement about the fiasco, saying, "Zara has issued a heartfelt apology on its social network profiles ... the items will be reliably destroyed."

Do you think production of this shirt was an honest mistake?


Image via Zara

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