Mom Says 911 Operator Refused to Help Her Save Toddler in Hot Car (VIDEO)

A mother is outraged after a 911 dispatcher refused to send police when her toddler locked himself inside her car on a sweltering day. Shana Dees had her 10-month-old son, Jack, inside his car seat when she turned around for a second to secure a cart that had begun to roll away. When she turned back around, Jack had managed to hit the lock button. With her cellphone, purse, and keys in the car, a frantic Shana begged a bystander to use his phone to call 911. But that's when things got even more frustrating and scary.


Shana said she told the dispatcher the situation and that she was worried that AAA would take too long to get to her, and by that time, her son could have overheated. She said she was watching him "get hotter and turn redder."

However, the 911 dispatcher told her that police wouldn't be able to gain access to her car unless her toddler was in distress and that they may smash her windows.

At that point, Shana says the person hung up. Minutes later, an off-duty officer happened by and decided to call 911 and demand action. But before cops arrived, someone else got a wrench from the store and smashed the windows.

Tampa police say the dispatcher was definitely in the wrong to end the call, and the person will be disciplined.

However, some readers are wondering why Shana didn't just smash the windows herself and dispatch with calling 911. Well, personally, you can't blame her for at least trying. Maybe they would have said, "A car will be there in 30 seconds." Smashing windows could frighten the bejesus out of a child. Of course you want to do it if you have to, but you can't blame this mom for not thinking totally clearly. You can only imagine how panicked she was.

She was probably also worried about how she would smash the windows (most of us couldn't do with bare hands), and leaving her child to go into the store. I would have preferred to call the police first and then run into the store if needed.

As for why the dispatcher didn't send a car, the person must not have been trained very well.

Would you have called 911 or just smashed your windows?


Image via ABCNews

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