Man Who Deliberately Broke Starbucks Pay It Forward Line Should Be Applauded

So these Starbucks pay-it-forward lines seem to have become an official "thing" now. That's where someone in front of you in line pays for your order, and then you reciprocate by paying for the person behind you. Kind of a bum deal if you're getting a small black coffee and the person behind you is getting lunch, but whatevahs. It's supposed to be about being good! And kind! And charitable! Ermkay.

We read about one continuous line that ended after 11 hours with customer number 378, a woman who apparently didn't understand the concept (nothing like playing dumb!) and just wanted to pay for her order. Now there's customer number 458, Peter Schorsch, who deliberately broke a different pay-it-forward line because he's a meanie-poo. But after listening to his defense, I gotta say, the man is making some sense.


Schorsch headed up to the line at a drive-through Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Florida and ordered two Venti Mocha Frappuccinos. He was then asked by the barista if he'd like to pay for the people behind him, since the ones in front had paid for his order. And Schorsch said ... no! Wah-wah.

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Thus ended a 10-hour PIF line. Schorsch said he felt like the line had become a marketing gimmick, and had nothing to do with being genuinely kind, and he felt like he was being forced into something. Just to show it wasn't about him being stingy, he left a $100 tip for the barista.

Schorsch told ABC News:

This is turning into something ridiculous and cheesy. It just seems like a 'First World' problem to me. Middle-class people sitting in their cars at a drive-thru, sipping a $5 drink and worrying about someone breaking the ranks.

He also suggested that if people want to help others, how about starting with the homeless, not someone who wants a $5 coffee. Amen, brother. 

I like spontaneous acts of giving, but by the time the cashier is guilting you into paying for someone else's drinks lest you be known as a killjoy, well, that's not so much about being kind-hearted, and reeks more of strong-arming people into free publicity for a multibillion-dollar corporation.

So, I have to agree with this guy. If I ever see him, I won't buy him a coffee, but I'm sure he won't mind.

Do you agree with him or no?

Image via Starbucks/Instagram

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