Airline Gives Child to Wrong Person -- Who Was Recently in Prison!


With all the crazy airport security in the last decade-plus, plus all the supposed measures in place to keep unaccompanied minors safe while traveling, you'd think parents could feel safe putting their kids on a plane to visit some loved ones.

Maybe not. One dad in Ohio likely won't be sending his 7-year-old daughter on a plane by herself again anytime soon. Kiante Butler, 37, recently put her on a flight from Cincinnati to Houston, but Delta Airlines accidentally released her to the wrong person. Not just any person either -- someone who recently got out of prison after serving time for kidnapping the girl!


How in the world could something like this happen? Since things are never as simple as they sound, the person who took little Angelina Butler also happens to be her mother, Jennifer Lopez.

Just because she's the girl's bio-mom doesn't mean she has a claim to her. According to news reports, Butler still bears the injuries of the brutal 2008 attack when the 39-year-old mother of his child and several accomplices beat the crap out of him and kidnapped Angelina and another child.

"This is very difficult for him because when he last saw Jennifer, he was attacked," said Butler's lawyer, Umeka Lewis.

Lopez was released from prison last March, but Butler was unaware. As for Delta's part in the fiasco, they've basically admitted policy wasn't followed, and they're conducting an investigation to pinpoint where their unaccompanied minor handling protocols went so horribly wrong.

Butler finally reunited with his daughter nine days after she was taken and only after he traveled to Houston himself. He was accompanied by a local sheriff's deputy to the house where Lopez was staying.

I can't even imagine how scared this man was when his daughter didn't show up where she was supposed to! Sure, it may be easy to say that parents shouldn't let their kids fly alone, but those parents must be made of money, because the cost of travel isn't exactly cheap. Besides, most airlines (all airlines?) allow adults to go past security and all the way to the gate to drop off and pick up these kiddos, and we all know what a pain it is to get past airport security. Butler had every reason to believe his daughter would be safe and have a great time visiting relatives.

There's obviously a hole in the system somewhere, and hopefully Delta can figure out what the heck went wrong and fix the problem.

Would you let your child fly alone?


Image via Angelo DeSantis/Flickr

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