Mom Feeds Daughter Tapeworms So She’ll Lose Weight (VIDEO)

When a teen girl came into a Florida hospital emergency room complaining of stomach pains, doctors were shocked at what they found was the cause of it. And, no, for once it wasn't a pregnancy. The girl's stomach was infested with tapeworms. All together now: Ewwwww!!! So how, you might ask, did she get these tapeworms? Did she eat something nasty? Did she pick them up on a trip to some exotic locale? Oh, if ONLY. Nope, this poor girl was FED tapeworm eggs ... by her mother.


The gruesomely gross story, which will be recounted on an upcoming episode of Discovery Fit & Health Channel's Untold Stories of the ER, tells how the teen girl, brought to the hospital by her mom, was telling doctors about her mysterious stomach pain when she suddenly excused herself to go to the bathroom.

That's when they heard the screams. The kind of screams one would emit if you just shit a bowl full of squirmy long worms.

The doctors rushed in and found the long worms, which looked like spaghetti -- only moving -- crawling around in the bowl. That's when the girl's mom's face "turned white."

She then confessed that she had fed her daughter tapeworm eggs because she wanted her to lose weight. Zoinks!! This is the nuttiest thing I've EVER heard.

Apparently the girl was entered in a beauty pageant and her nutzoid mom wanted her to be a "little skinnier" before the contest.


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The mom was able to BUY a pill that contained the tapeworm eggs, which she got in Mexico. No word on whether she got in trouble for this stunt, but if I were that daughter, I wouldn't swallow anything my mom gave me ever again.

Have you ever done anything nutty to lose weight? Should this mom have been arrested?

Image via Discovery Fit & Health

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