Doctor Rallies to Ban Public Breastfeeding Because It Makes Him 'Sick'

breastfeeding mom You would think that a doctor, a man of medicine and research, would be pro-breastfeeding, and specifically pro-breastfeeding in public because it's what babies need to thrive and the most natural and healthy thing a baby can eat. A doctor should realize that a baby gets hungry sometimes when mom is out and about, and therefore, baby should be able to eat wherever and whenever hungry. But one doctor is so caught up in his concern about toplessness, he is on a crusade to ban any and all kinds of sinful nudity, and breastfeeding moms may suffer because of this preposterous notion.

Dr. Patrick Johnson is a pro-life activist and director of the anti-abortion group Personhood Ohio. He said via Facebook: "I am sick that women can legally bare their breasts to children and to married men against their will in Ohio." And because of this, he's trying to make it illegal for any woman to bare her breasts, and this includes for public breastfeeding.


His latest agenda is to attack any woman who is topless for any reason, because it's an "offense to God." And there is a reason for his tirade, and it seems to be a personal vendetta against women who work at the local strip club.

This is getting complicated. But hear me out.

Dr. Johnson and his friends at New Beginning Ministries Church in the village of Warsaw, Ohio, have been protesting in front of topless dance club Foxhole North for nine years. It was reported that they called the women who worked there "tramps" and "whores." So nine years of harassment. The women decided to protest in front of their church while topless. And this angered Dr. Johnson so much that he is calling for a ban on toplessness to get back at them and make them stop. He doesn't seem to care whom he is affecting. His mission is to get back at these women he has harassed for nine years.

On this story, Mommyish writer Maria Guido said that "this level of ignorance in the world is a little too troubling to actually be funny." I agree. This doc is calling on the people of the state of Ohio to speak up and call for a ban on all public nudity. This is his solution to stopping the protests in front of the church, and it will also mean that breastfeeding mothers cannot breastfeed in public. As if this wasn't ridiculous enough, Dr. Johnson also blames the gay pride parade for too much breast exposure, and how all of it is "an offense to the public morality, and the legislature should act to criminalize what they did." They meaning anyone who shows a bit of boob. All of these exposed breasts make him "sick." Note: It doesn't make him sick to call women "whores" and "tramps."

Currently, it is not illegal for women to be topless in public in Ohio. I have to point out that this isn't an issue for men, who can be topless without anyone getting all riled up. But because women's breasts are considered sexual as well as functional -- let's not forget they feed baby -- we cannot be topless because it's sinful. Can I just point out that it's sinful for those who cannot control themselves when they see a woman's breasts. Who is really sinful then?

If the ban happens, it would be illegal to breastfeed in public in Ohio. I know Dr. Johnson is a man of faith. So it needs to be said that Jesus was breastfed -- there are gorgeous paintings depicting the act. This doctor should put mothers and babies first, and set aside his disdain for topless dancers and the gay pride parade. If he doesn't like strip clubs or parades, just don't go to them -- or protest in front of them. There are much bigger issues to concern yourself with. 

Can we discuss how wrong this is?

Image via Daniel Lobo/Flickr

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