Dad Accidentally Shoots 16-Year-Old Daughter & Then Things Get Worse (VIDEO)

A dad allegedly shot his own teen daughter and then got into a car accident while rushing her to the hospital. The father, who remains unnamed, probably with good reason, apparently mistook his teen daughter for an intruder as she snuck back into the house after busting her curfew. Hearing noises in the garage, he grabbed a firearm and ended up firing at what he thought was a thief. Instead, he shot his 16-year-old daughter.


Realizing his horrible mistake, the dad and teen piled into his car and he rushed her to the hospital. But in his haste, he crashed his car. I bet he totally wants a do-over on this day.

Police responded to the car crash and ended up bringing the girl to the hospital themselves. So far, she is in stable condition.

Lesson here? Well, we've heard this one before, folks. Whether it's Oscar Pistorius or some random person, the fact is looking before you shoot is always a good idea.

Also, if you know your dad is armed and a bit trigger-happy, may not want to trip the house alarm when you sneak back in after curfew.

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So far no charges will be filed against the dad, and hopefully the girl, who was shot in the torso, will be okay. But it would do everyone a world of good to think first and shoot later. Or maybe not even shoot. Crazy idea, I know.


Image via Channel 4

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