Parents Tragically Fall to Death in Front of Their Kids While Trying to Take Selfie

Cabo de RocaA vacation turned deadly for one couple in Portugal over the weekend, as mom and dad plummeted to their deaths after trying to take a selfie off the edge of a cliff. They reportedly wanted to get a snap off the coast of Cabo de Roca, the western-most edge of Europe, famous for its breathtaking cliff-side ocean views.

The local news reported that the couple moved past the protective barriers on Saturday to get a better picture but somehow ended up going over the edge -- while their children, ages 5 and 6, witnessed the whole thing.


Talk about your tragic deaths! I can't even imagine the horror of watching your parents die in front of you like that. The Polish family had reportedly been living in Portugal for the past few years and were taking a sightseeing trip.

Weather conditions made it impossible for the authorities to recover the bodies until Sunday. They fell a reported 260 feet into the ravine below. The deaths are being labeled an accident in news reports, but police are still investigating the circumstances.

The children are being cared for by Polish officials while family members are en route to Portugal to reunite with them. They are receiving psychological care for having witnessed the gruesome and untimely deaths of their parents.

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Those poor kids! One little mistake, and now they're orphans. I'm sure their parents didn't think it was that big of a deal to ignore the barriers, if they did indeed cross them. No one ever thinks tragedies like this could happen to them, so it's easy to ignore safety advice. But one misstep ... that's all it takes.

How absolutely heartbreaking.

Does this make you rethink the lengths you'll go to for a good picture?


Image via Rimante Paulauskaite/Flickr

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