Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot While Admiring Friend's Gun

Katherine Lynn Hoover was visiting a friend's home with her husband, Carson Hoover, when the 25-year-old Florida woman -- who was five months pregnant -- was accidentally shot to death while admiring her friend's gun collection.

Hoover, who had a 6-year-old son named Nicholas, was pronounced dead not long after the incident and, despite how doctors tried, they couldn't save the woman's baby boy.


The couple visited the home of gun enthusiast William DeHayes and Hoover and her husband were reportedly given his .22 caliber revolver to look at and hold. For some horrific reason, DeHayes kept the gun loaded and the friend's father, Don DeHayes, is saying his son accidentally pointed the gun at Hoover's head and it went off.

Police are still investigating and staying mum about the whole thing, so we can't say with certainty what happened at this man's house that day. Carson is said to be "distraught," naturally, and unable to sleep because he is traumatized. Some of the man's neighbors are apparently not convinced the tragic episode was an accident because of how DeHayes shot her in the temple, but all anyone can do at this point is speculate.

After she was shot, Hoover was airlifted to the hospital. Doctors removed her baby, but he died half an hour later.

There's no excuse for this. A child didn't deserve to have his mother ripped from him and a husband didn't deserve to lose his wife and unborn child.

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I can't imagine -- as a pregnant woman -- not running for the hills if I happened to be in a room with loaded guns. And why the hell were they loaded? Regardless of what happened here -- whether it was an accident or not -- if you're going to own a weapon, be responsible with it. It's not a play thing to pass around like a bowl of candy.

What do you think happened here? Would you be more cautious of weapons if you were pregnant?


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