Couple Found Dead at Hotel Holding Hands in Bed

In real life, modern-day Romeo and Juliet stories aren't romantic -- they're just tragic. One couple from the Bronx checked into a hotel in Staten Island, N.Y. and was found dead two days later, after they failed to check out. They were lying together in bed holding hands -- and the circumstances surrounding their death are a mystery.


Scott Jacobi, 37, and Theresa Mateo, 34, reportedly checked into the Hilton Garden Inn on a Wednesday evening. They didn't report to the front desk two days later, when they were expected to check out. As a housekeeper made the rounds on the floor, she reportedly discovered them still in the room. I can't imagine her shock when she found Jacobi and Mateo fully clothed, lying in bed dead and holding onto one another.

Police say there were no signs of trauma or forced entry. There wasn't a wound or spot of blood on them, according to witnesses. And here's the really weird part: they suspect the couple committed suicide by overdose, but they were unable to find drug paraphernalia in their room. They didn't leave a note, nor did they have any weapons on them.

Cops are waiting for the results of autopsies to determine what actually happened to this man and woman.

This is so sad. Not only were Jacobi and Mateo really young, the people who knew them are shocked because, they say, there was no evidence that pointed to them wanting to hurt themselves. One of Jacobi's neighbors described him as "stable-minded" and "hardworking" and said she'd never even seen him drunk. Time will tell what happened here. In the meantime, our hearts go out to their grieving families.

What do you think happened in this hotel room?


Image via daveynin/Flickr



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