Missing Teen Abigail Hernandez Found Alive 9 Months After Disappearing

parent and teen huggingIt's rare that missing children stories have a happy ending; however, one set of New Hampshire parents have the answer to their prayers. Nine months after Abigail Hernandez went missing, she has returned home safe and sound.


Her case made headlines back in October when the 15-year-old high school student seemingly vanished out of thin air while walking home from school. The last clue was a text message, which came in at 22 minutes after she was last seen, of just a heart. Then, two months after her disappearance, her mother received a handwritten letter from the girl. (Authorities wouldn't say what the letter said.) But as time ticked on, people suspected the worst. After all, once a week has passed, the chances of finding a missing child alive are very low.

However, that was not the case for Hernandez. She was reunited with her family on Sunday. "Today we are the happiest people on earth," her mother Zenya reportedly said. However, they have not revealed where their daughter has been all this time, so some big questions remain.

The Assistant Attorney General Jane Young has dismissed the idea that she was alone this entire time. "This was a 14-year-old who went missing for nine months. She did not do this on her own," she said.

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It's great to hear that they got her back. That is such a blessing. But where was she? What was she doing this entire time? Who helped her, if anyone? Are the police hunting those would-be kidnappers down? As the Attorney General said, it's hard to imagine this child was just out on her own for so long. If she left on her own accord, that would be such a cruel thing to do to her family and friends. It's not clear what happened to this teen, but whatever the details may be, I just hope and pray she is okay.

What do you think happened to Abigail Hernandez?


Image © Erika Svensson/Corbis

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