14 TSA Instagram Pics That May Make You Never Want to Fly Again (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Jul 15, 2014 Breaking

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Like a lot of people out there, my father hates to fly. He would rather spend 24 hours traveling by bus or train than to hop on a flight. I always thought he was being ridiculous until I came across the TSA Instagram account. You won't believe the types of things people try to get aboard planes -- even in this day and age of heightened security. Take a look at these incredibly scary and dangerous accessories passengers are caught with.

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Image via tsa/Instagram

  • Medieval Weapon


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Unless this guy was auditioning to be an extra on Game of Thrones, I can't imagine why he would try to travel at Chicago's Midway Airport with this.

  • Key Knife


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    This Burlington, Vermont traveler thought a blade hidden within a key was okay to fly with.

  • Martial Arts Weapons


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Found at Chicago Midway International Airport, these octagonal sais (top) and shukos (bottom) aren't even legal in parts of the country.

  • Smartphone Stun Gun


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Have to admit, this is a clever one. A stun gun disguised as a smartphone was found during a security check in Alaska.

  • Batarangs


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    They may look like movie-inspired toys, but these batarangs found at Newark Liberty International Airport can kill.

  • Bomb Alarm Clock


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    This novelty alarm clock made to resemble a bomb was found at the Kansas City airport. Why in the world would someone even pack this?

  • Samurai Sword


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Can you imagine if the guy seated next to you whipped this out of his bag? The sword was discovered in a carry-on at Boston Logan International Airport.

  • Lipstick Knife


    Seriously? What was this person planning on doing with this thing? Fortunately, it was confiscated at an airport in San Antonio.

  • Credit Card Knife


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Unless you are 007, there is no good reason to bring a credit card knife onto a plane ... or anywhere else for that matter! This doozy was picked up by agents in Miami.

  • Cigarette Stun Gun


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Another stun gun, this one was made to look like a pack of cigarettes. Not that we have anything against personal protection, but why would this Cleveland flier need it on the plane?

  • Grenade


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Inert or not, this grenade nabbed at Seattle International Airport is beyond scary.

  • Knife With Brass Knuckles


    Who is this guy, Rambo? This frightening weapon was found in a carry-on at New York City's LaGuardia Airport.

  • Loaded Gun


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    Why are people still trying to get on planes with loaded guns, like this one found in Austin? As crazy as it is scary.

  • Throwing Star


    Image via tsa/Instagram

    This throwing star with six folding blades found in Las Vegas looks like something out of a Transformers movie.

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