Man's Dumb & Dangerous Selfie Could Get Him in Big Trouble

This has got to be the dumbest selfie ever and that's saying a lot. A man taking part in Spain's running of the bulls, the famous event wherein drunken idiots let loose terrified bulls into the streets and then run away from them, tried to take a selfie as he was inches away from a bull. He will get gored, but unfortunately not by the bull, but by the authorities, who have vowed to fine $4,100 anyone caught taking one of these dangerous selfies.


We've seen some really dumb selfies. There were the two teens who photographed themselves in their robber-gear holding knives just before they robbed a restaurant. There was the soldier who selfied herself hiding in her car so she wouldn't have to do the morning salute to the flag. The teen who smiled next to a cadaver. And the woman who snapped a photo of herself as a suicide jumper hovered on the Brooklyn Bridge behind her.

So, yeah, something about the cell phone's ability to take photos of yourself that you can actually see while you take them -- remember when you just had to guess how you looked? -- has shaved about 50 IQ points off the collective population.

But trying to selfie yourself with a running bull? One that has dangerously sharp, deadly horns that could, at any moment, gorge you or someone near you? What an idiot.

I admit if I was foolish and cruel enough to particpate in this god awful event I would be tempted to do something like this myself -- after all, what a pic to show your Facebook friends!

But I would hope that common sense would prevail. Apparently it did not with this guy. Too bad the bull didn't gorge his phone.

Have you ever taken a dangerous selfie?


Image Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images News

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