Teacher Suspended for Twerking With Middle School Students (VIDEO)

Not unless you're Miley Cyrus do you get away with twerking on the job. Especially if your job is a middle school teacher! While the popular dance may seem as innocent as the hokey pokey used to be to school kids, there are adults who still don't appreciate the booty shaking maneuver, and one teacher found that out the hard way. After reportedly twerking at a party for her middle school's soccer team, coach Courtney Spruill has been suspended.


Spruill also reportedly taught other students how to twerk and received a lap dance from an unknown student. She also reportedly drank alcohol and then drove home with a student in the car and almost drove off the road!

I'm sure Spruill just thought she was having a good time and not causing any harm and, except for the part about allegedly drinking and driving, she's right -- but not with middle school students. Yeah, I'm sure she saw no harm in it, and it was all probably just a joke, etc. But as a professional, the reality is you have to behave professionally at events where your coworkers or -- in this case -- students are.

Allegedly some of the kids were filming Spruill's antics too (of course they were), and wouldn't you know better than to do ANYTHING with a kid's cellphone camera in your face? You just know it's going to end up on YouTube lickety split.

If I was a teacher (god help me), I wouldn't do anything, ANYTHING even remotely "fun" with my kids. I wouldn't poke them in the stomach, I wouldn't wink at them, I wouldn't say, "I love you, cutie," I'd be the sternest, most hated teacher in the school, because we live in an atmosphere of hysterical fear and maniacal judgment and anything could be misconstrued. I actually feel very sorry for teachers these days.

But if Spruill really did get a lap dance and drink and drive, then she did take it too far. As for the twerking, no student needs to see that -- would be quite traumatizing actually!

Do you think she should have been suspended?

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