Hysterical 'Things Tim Howard Could Save' Meme: GOOOOAAAL (PHOTOS)

Tim HowardI don't know much about soccer, but I do know a thing or two about U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard. It's true that I'd never heard of him before this week, but he's clearly become something of a household name since he set a World Cup record with 16 epic saves during the United States vs. Belgium match. People are so enamored with Howard, he was briefly named U.S. Secretary of Defense on Wikipedia.

Not only is Tim Howard an extremely handsome dude who somehow manages to make the bald head/no-sideburns-beard thing look good, he's launched one of the funniest Internet memes in recent history. After his amazing effort during Tuesday's game, the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave has gone viral, and it is ridiculously hilarious.



Here are just a few of the things Tim Howard could theoretically save, given the chance:

The dinosaurs:






That girl who got hit in the head with a shovel:



An undesired pregnancy:


Ned Stark:


The Titanic:


The Janet Jackson nip slip:


The first Jaws victim:





Are you a Tim Howard fan?

Image via FootyHumor/Twitter


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