Bride-to-Be on Way to Party Killed Minutes After Posting Happy Selfie (VIDEO)

A woman traveling to what would have been one of the happiest events of her life was tragically killed. Collette M. Moreno, 26, was a passenger on her way to her bachelorette party when the driver, her friend, tried to pass a truck whose exhaust fumes were giving Moreno an asthma attack. The two collided with an oncoming car. Both were reportedly wearing a seat belt, but the Moreno was killed. The driver faces charges.


The driver and bride-to-be's friend, Ashley M. Theobald, said she thought the way was clear to pass the truck, whose exhaust fumes were disturbing both of them, but didn't see a hill and another car coming over it.

She said the two of them were having a wonderful time in the car and then all of a sudden, one life was snuffed out, the other life changed irrevocably. In fact, right before Moreno was killed, a photo was snapped of the two of them smiling and laughing.

The driver of the other car that was hit did not suffer serious injuries.

Moreno's friend is obviously heartbroken about what happened. So is her fiance, Jesse Arcobasso. The pair were getting married next month.

Also, horribly, Moreno had a young son. Braden, who is 5, is now without a mother. Arcobasso told KCTV:

He doesn't quite understand everything just yet. I know it's going to take time.

What a terrible tragedy. This young mother was about to start a wonderful new chapter of her life. And it's snuffed out in an instant, because of one questionable and unintentional mistake.

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Any words for her fiance, son, and family?



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