Couple Killed Just Moments After Capturing Most Beautiful Moment (VIDEO)

You never know when the end is coming. A couple walking along the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts, had no idea the end was near when they snapped a photo of the sunset and posted it to Instagram. Minutes later, a car reportedly ran a red light, smashed into another car, and the impact caused one car to flip over and land on the couple. They were instantly killed.


The couple, Jack Lanzillotti and Jessica Campbell, had been together for a few years, lived together, and were very much in love, according to friends and family. Their last moments were spent watching the sunset, and Jessica uploaded a beautiful shot of the pink and gray clouds to her Instagram page. That would be the last thing she would ever do.

It's a tragedy whenever anyone dies before their time, however, something about their last moments, walking along in love, and then appreciating a sunset, makes this tragedy so much more poignant.

It really reminds you that you could go at any time. Any moment could be your last. Think of that next time you find yourself bogged down in some Facebook fight, or swearing at strangers online, or telling off someone in the street. Do you want those to be your last moments? The things you are last remembered for?

I often think about this whenever I'm tempted to bitch on Facebook. What if I walked outside and was hit by a truck? Would I want my kvetching online to be the last words anyone ever heard from me? Would I want that up there for whoever knows how long until someone managed to gain access to my page?

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It's so easy with social media to blow off steam being a jerk to people you don't know -- or those you do. Do you want that to be the last thing you contribute to the world?

At least Jessica and Jack's last recorded moments were something beautiful. Think about how you want to be remembered.

Do you think about what your last moments might be?

Image via CBS Boston and JessCampbell34/Instagram

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