Grandma Says Toddler Was Told to Leave Restaurant Because of 'Scary' Facial Scars

Kelly Mullins is one angry grandmother and when you hear what she says happened at a KFC restaurant in Mississippi, your blood is going to boil. Mullins took her 3-year-old granddaughter Victoria Wilcher to a KFC in April and says that, as they were sitting at a table and enjoying their food, an employee approached them and asked them to leave because the little girl's face was "disrupting" customers.

Come again?!

Victoria was reportedly mauled by three of her grandfather's 10 pit bulls back in April and, as a result, suffers from scarring on her face. The right side of her face is paralyzed, as well. Rather than practice empathy and understanding, grandma claims the restaurant's worker treated this poor toddler like a monster and she isn't going to sit by and let her get away with it.


Mullins took Victoria to the KFC after a doctor's appointment -- one of many she has had to endure since the accident. She says that before the restaurant employee asked them to leave, the toddler wasn't conscious of what she looked like. Now, she says, the little girl is embarrassed of her appearance and refuses to even get out of the car to go to a store.

This is just heartbreaking and so difficult to believe. How could any adult be so heartless? Did another customer approach her to ask that Victoria be removed from the fast food joint and, if so, how did she resist the urge to tell that person off and side with Mullins and her granddaughter?

A KFC spokesperson issued a statement in which he vowed the company is taking the matter very seriously and that it has "zero tolerance" for "hurtful or disrespectful actions" toward their customers.

A Facebook page has been created called Victoria's Victories, in which updates are provided about Victoria's medical condition and guests can leave encouraging messages for the little girl. Grandma posted about the KFC incident, and it has received lots of attention as a result.

It's so sad to think that the thoughtless actions of one person could bring this girl down. At age 3, she certainly doesn't deserve to be made to feel bad about herself for any reason.

How would you have reacted if this happened to your child or grandchild?


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