Married Couple Seeking a 'Revolution' Reportedly Kill 2 Cops & a Woman

Alyn Beck, 41, left, and Igor Soldo, 31
A married couple reportedly screamed, "This is a revolution" while fatally shooting two Las Vegas police officers and one woman in the middle of a crowded shopping center during lunchtime.

The officers, Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, were simply having lunch at a pizzeria when a man and a woman reportedly "came out of nowhere" and began shooting. One of the officers returned fire, but both ultimately lost their lives. Witnesses say the couple shouted something about staging a "revolution" as they killed the policemen, then took their guns and ammunition.

As they then made their way to the parking lot of a nearby Walmart, where the duo shot and killed a female shopper whose name has yet to be released, they reportedly stopped a man and, again, told him to let cops know it was a "revolution."


The man and woman, whose identities haven't been confirmed, retreated to the back of the Walmart after killing the shopper and took their own lives, in what police believe was a suicide pact. The woman reportedly shot her husband first, before killing herself.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the couple, who they say were in their 20s and were new to the area, had ties to a white supremacist group. After searching their apartment, they found swastika symbols. One neighbor said they "always talked about murdering cops" and admitted that they didn't believe in the government.

It's unclear what they actually thought would happen as a result of their crime or how they felt they were helping to advance any kind of "revolution." But it's terrifying to know that, yet again, two maniacs with a violent agenda were easily able to get their hands on guns and go on a shooting rampage that took the lives of one innocent woman and two people dedicated to protecting the lives of others.

Both officers were married with children -- Beck had three children and Soldo had a baby.

Let's hope the police are able to unravel this mystery soon and that the two killers don't have ties to others who share similarly twisted ideas.

What do you think the killers' motive was in this crime?


Image via police

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