Racist Woman's Viral Rant at Black Man Is Sadly Not a Hoax (VIDEO)

janelle ambrosia

If you need any further proof that racism is alive and well in America, all you have to do is check out this video that is currently going viral. It's so absurd and insane, your immediate reaction might be that this has to be a hoax. In the video, a woman repeatedly swears and uses the n-word at a man sitting in his car ... right in front of her kids.

A man in Cheektowaga, New York, recorded the footage and of course uploaded it to YouTube, which caused people to go up in arms over how, frankly, crazy this woman sounded. He began recording after their first confrontation, which apparently began when he started his car. She said it "scared" her kids, which led to this whole mess.

She is seen on the phone with her husband and mentions that she strips for cops to try to threaten this poor guy and that her son doesn't like black people, either. It's something you truly have to see to believe.


Here it is. She is on the phone in the beginning but doesn't start going off on the man until 1:30 or so:

Probably what's most heartbreaking -- of course minus the fact that she is screaming the n-word at this guy who is showing a massive amount of restraint by remaining in his car -- is that these adorable children have this monster of a mother to raise them. What chance is there for these kids to grow up with an open mind when their mother thinks it's okay and appropriate to act like this?

Janelle Ambrosia, the woman from the video, appeared on a local radio show to defend herself. Her responses just go to show that, no matter how much you may have wished for it, this is no hoax:

“I’m not racist,” she says. “I have a black cousin.”


She claimed that the man almost hit her son with his car, which would naturally make any mother react strongly. But to swear and use the n-word just goes so beyond what any normal reaction should be, it's no wonder people's responses to this video have been so passionate.

Just take a look at some of her recent tweets:







Did these tweets seem way too over the top? Well, turns out the Twitter account was a fake. But no one has confirmed anything yet about the actual video:

Regardless, can't help but feel for this guy who allegedly just started his car and for these kids who will most likely grow up with a lot of hate in their hearts. Sometimes the world can seem like such a dark, depressing place.

Do you think this mother should face any sort of punishment for this rant?


Image via IAMOYAB/YouTube

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