Dad of 4 Dies While Heroically Saving Teen Girl From Drowning (VIDEO)

Ugh, this is a terrible yet wonderful story. A man lost his life, and four children lost their father. Yet a 14-year-old girl is alive, and her parents have their daughter. If only one thing didn't cancel out the other. We hear of criminals and miscreants so often that we forget there are true heroes in the world. Ones who just happen to be in a place, who happen to see someone in need, and who jump in to help. Peter Radke of Medina, Ohio, is one of those people. Tragically, however, his heroism meant his death.


Radke was reportedly at his teenage daughter's birthday party on Lake Erie when he spotted another teen struggling in choppy water. The devoted dad of four jumped into the water to help the girl -- and lost his own life in the process. He was able to push the teen on to a rock where others could grab her. But then he himself was dragged under the swells. His body was found hours later.

Horribly, his children watched the entire thing.

Friends say it's a mystery what happened since Radke was a strong swimmer -- perhaps he hit his head on a rock. His family released a statement, saying:

While we never expected to lose him so soon, we take comfort in knowing Pete's final moments were spent saving the life of another.

These are the kinds of people I would like to hear more about. A man who had much to lose -- his own life, his own family, seeing his children grow up -- thought about none of that when he saw a girl in trouble and went to help her.

Seeing another person in trouble, you generally either help or you don't. For those who would help, it's instinctual. Rarely do you calculate the odds, calculate what you have to lose. Your desire to help another being is coursing in your blood and you do what you have to do.

Let's all think about this man for awhile. Think about what he gave up, to help a stranger. Another person on this planet. This girl and her family will surely think of him the rest of her life.

What would you have done?

Image via Fox 8 Cleveland

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