Toddler in a Coma After Being Injured in Police Raid Gone Wrong

It's a sad fact, but horrible things happen to children every day. We just never expect the police to be the cause. In Georgia, a 19-month-old is fighting for his life after a SWAT team threw a stun grenade into the sleeping child's crib. It left him burned, requiring a medically induced coma, and in critical condition.

WARNING: The images of the hospitalized child are heartbreaking.


The police were looking for a man named Wanis Thometheva, who had sold meth to an undercover cop. But when they raided his home, the Phonesavanh family was inside instead.

Cops executed a "no knock" warrant at 3 a.m., busted in, and allegedly threw the distraction grenade without looking. Unfortunately, it landed in little Bounkham's (nicknamed Bou Bou) crib and severely injured him. His parents say he only has a 50 percent chance of surviving.

At the time the police entered, Bou Bou's mother said everyone was asleep and no one was fighting with the police or giving them any resistance, making what happen especially senseless. Fortunately, his three older sisters (ages 3, 5, and 7) were uninjured. It's a heartbreaking story and one that didn't even begin with the police raid. The family was staying at the house temporarily after their own home had been burned down in a fire.

The local sheriff called this a "terrible accident," but it seems like so much more. It's a horrific tragedy. A child may lose his life. Officials said that they followed protocol and there were no toys or children's clothes laying around to indicate there were kids in the home, but does that really make this okay? Someone needs to pay, and I mean that literally. If there was ever a case calling for a lawsuit, this certainly seems like one. This family has nothing -- no home, no medical insurance. It's not as though money will fix what has happened, but it will certainly ease the burden of the medical bills they will have to pay.

Do you think the police did anything wrong?


Images via WSBTV

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