Teen Drowns Playing 'Shopping Cart Game' Just Hours After Graduation

Lake Allatoona

What started out as a bunch of friends celebrating their high school graduation turned tragic when a teen drowned while playing a shopping cart game at a dock at Lake Allatoona in Georgia on Saturday night.

The game involved the friends pushing each other into the lake while riding in the shopping cart, which was attached to a pole by a rope. After plunging into the water, the people on the dock would pull the rider back up again. But for whatever reason, 18-year-old Chance Werner decided to act as the pole, which led to him being dragged into 30 feet of water, as the cart was tied to his belt loop.

Officers on patrol at the lake were called to the scene at 12:07 a.m. on Sunday, but Chance's body was not recovered until 2:50 a.m.


Ugh. This is so horrific on so many levels, I'm not even sure where to begin. To think that only hours before the accident, these kids were celebrating one of the biggest milestones in their lives only makes things even worse.

And they were just being typical 18-year-olds when the incident occurred, goofing off, having fun, and doing something they thought was amusing. I'm sure the thought of something happening to one of them never crossed any of their minds, so we can only imagine how terrible it must have been for this boy's friends to watch him go into that lake never to come back up to the surface.

Even more unthinkable is the way this young man died, which is nothing short of devastating.

We should all keep his family and friends in our prayers today, and hope they can find some peace during this absolutely tragic time.

If nothing else, hopefully this story will serve as a reminder to other teenagers of just how dangerous doing such risky activities in and around the water can be.

Have you ever heard of this shopping cart game?


Image via Ryan Quick/Flickr

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