Honor Student Commits Suicide After Harassment Over Her Porn Video

Alyssa Funke

Alyssa Funke took her life at 19 years old. What drove this young, vibrant woman to do something so terrible to herself? She was being mercilessly taunted and bullied by former classmates after she starred in an amateur porn movie. The things they said to this poor teen, it seems, drove her over the edge.


It was an unforeseen consequence for Funke, who thought the film would catapult her to fame. She didn't have the easiest of childhoods: her father had been convicted for theft, and her mom was convicted for drug dealing and child neglect. She reportedly spent most of her teens with her grandmother and money was a struggle. Still, she had other things going for her. Funke was a straight-A college student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and had dreams of being an anesthesiologist.

Though after word spread about the adult film, she was inundated with nasty tweets from former high school classmates. "Wow your (sic) a thot,” wrote one, including a slang acronym for “that ho over there.” Another wrote, “Nothing brings a school together like a pornstar who graduated last year."

At first, she seemed to handle the criticism fine, tweeting "Pornstar Status" and "Famous for dayzzzzzzzzz." But relatives say that she suffered from depression and bought a shotgun and shot herself on her family's boat.

This is a lesson that doing porn still comes with really harsh consequences. You can be a smart, intelligent woman who thinks she is expressing her sexual freedom and taking charge of her life. But the rest of the world just isn't that advanced in their thinking. Kids are cruel -- and by kids, I mean everyone from kindergartners to adults. My heart goes out to her and her family. She shouldn't have been treated that way ... but perhaps it was unavoidable.


Do you think there will ever be a time when a woman can choose to do porn and not be harshly criticized for it?

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