Teen Killed By Train While Arguing With Her Dad

trainPoor Brittney Silva never saw it coming. As a train sped right in her path, she didn't hear its rumble because she had her phone earbuds in her ears. She was reportedly in the middle of an argument with her dad, and the 18-year-old was struck and killed by that train.


For millions of earbud wearers, this is a frightening warning of the dangers that come with the convenience. Silva was walking along the train tracks near her San Leandro, California home when she was hit and thrown 50 yards.

An onlooker reportedly tried to warn her, but she could not hear him either. Police say she was having a heated conversation with her father. Needless to say, this is a horrifying tragedy for her family. Silva was supposed to start college in the fall and dreamed of being an obstetrician or marine biologist. Now she's gone.

A tragic situation like this brings up so many what-ifs. Some wonder why she was walking along an active track and why the volume in her earbuds was up so high. But Silva didn't do anything hundreds, if not thousands of others do every day. It's rare to see someone walking down the street without an ear piece of some sort on. We love to blast our music or chit chat with a friend or family member. But fact of the matter is, that act puts us in a very precarious situation. We are not as alert when we are listening to music or talking.

Will this story make you more cautious when you have your earbuds in?


Images via VXLA/Flickr

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