Mom Bites Dog's Ear Off to Save Child From Vicious Pit Bull Attack

toddler bit by dogWe often say we would do anything for our children, anything to protect them. Thankfully that isn't always put to the test but one mother was forced to do the unthinkable to save her child's life. Chelsi Camp and her 2-year-old daughter Mackenzi Plass were playing outside their home in Alvin, Texas. Camp was dog sitting a neighbor's dog and she was introducing the pit bull to her daughter. The pit bull seemed friendly (like many pit bulls -- many dogs -- are) but something changed in the pup and he attacked the toddler. Mackenzi was bitten all over her body, most serverely to her head and face.

Camp first shoved her fist into the dog's mouth to try to release the dog's bite from her daughter and unable to overpower the pup, she bit his ear off. It sounds extreme, but in the moment this mom's instinct took over to do whatever it was she needed to do to save her child.




More startling than the mother biting the dog's ear off is the wounds all over Mackenzi's body. I cannot imagine the sheer terror this child and mother felt when this was happening.

Camp was able to get the dog off her daughter who she told to lay face down so she wouldn't choke on all the blood over all her head and face. Mom was still fending off the dog who was then attacking her and biting her arms. Somehow, she managed to call 911 during the struggle with the dog. The pup was eventually shot by the police, but not killed. Although he was later euthanized.

Both mom and daughter are recovering well. Camp was temporarily unable to use her arms because of the wounds. "I can actually hold [Mackenzi] again. I couldn’t hold her for the first week that was the hardest part," she said, referring to those wounds.

Despite the attack, Camp says she doesn't villainize pit bulls -- she is a dog lover no matter the breed.

This mom credits her daughter and her strength for getting through this, but I also have to credit the mother for her bravery and quick-thinking to do what it seems she had to do to save her daughter. What a terrifying experience. They may forever have the scars, but thankfully they also have their lives.

What do you think of this story? Do you fear dogs around your children?

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