Teen Is Struck & Killed by SUV After Falling Out of Its Window

A 17-year-old girl driving home from a late night out with friends fell out the backseat window of an SUV, hit her head on the pavement, and was then struck and killed by the SAME vehicle. Lelys Leyva-Monreal, a junior at Arlington High School in Texas, was in the backseat of a friend's SUV sitting beside her boyfriend when the incident occurred. The group was traveling home from a nightclub when Lelys' friends say the couple began fighting. It's unclear at this point whether the teen was purposely trying to jump out of the vehicle or if she had been hanging her head and body out of it and fell by accident. Once she fell and struck her head, the SUV ran her over and then her friends reportedly fled the scene.


Obviously, and thankfully, Lelys' companions came to their senses and returned to speak with police. One friend claims she tried to pull the teen back into the vehicle. Cops are investigating the possibility that alcohol contributed to this horrendous incident.

Lelys' friends describe her as a "good" and "loving" person. After dropping out of school for a short period of time, she reportedly returned to finish earning the credits she needs. It's so sad to think a young woman who was only beginning to understand life and make good choices for herself would have her world come to an end in such a senseless way.

Friends also paid tribute to the girl by creating a memorial for her near the scene of the accident and posting sweet messages about her on Twitter. One user named "Hector" summed up what everyone in this girl's life must be feeling right now: "You will never be forgotten. I can promise you that. Your [sic] in a better place now."

Let's hope Lelys' family receives the answers they're most assuredly seeking about why this accident took place, as well as the comfort and peace they're going to need during this horrific time.

What do you think happened in the SUV that caused the teen to fall out of the backseat window and be killed?


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