2-Year-Old Boy Killed by 3-Year-Old Sister in Heartbreaking Accident

rifleThere are some stories that highlight one simple truth: life can be unimaginably cruel. A Utah family is dealing with that very fact right now. A 2-year-old boy died after being shot by his 3-year-old sister.


Police say that the little girl was playing with a .22-caliber rifle when she accidentally shot her little brother in the stomach. The weapon had been used earlier by their father -- though reports did not specify for what. Presumably, he was hunting. After returning home, he set it down and walked away. It was unloaded but still had live rounds in the magazine, and authorities say the girl somehow maneuvered the round into the chamber.

Authorities have ruled this case an accident and the county attorney will decide if charges will be filed. That is certainly a risk these parents face. In another tragic accident, a Florida father faces charges after his 3-year-old shot herself with his gun.

This recent case is yet another glaring example that kids are not safe around guns. According to a Yale University study, a child is injured by a gun every hour in the U.S. It's easy for some people to dismiss that kind of stat by attributing it to gang violence or troubled, inner-city neighborhoods. But it shouldn't matter where or how this is happening. Besides, this story -- and so many more like it -- prove that it's happening to families everywhere.

Do you think parents should be charged in accidents like this?


Image via Keary O/Flickr

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