Two 4-Year-Olds Die in Fire They Accidentally Started

firefightersHeartbreaking doesn't even begin to explain this tragic story. It was frightening enough to hear that two 4-year-olds died in a fire on the night before Easter. Now investigators say the blaze was actually started by the children during a visit at their grandparents' home in Queens, New York.


Half-siblings JaiLauni Tinglin and Ayina Tinglin were playing with a lighter at the foot of their grandfather's bed when it accidentally caught fire, according to investigators.

The elderly man woke to find the room filled with smoke and flames. He tried to save the children but it was too late. Both of them died in the fire before he could get to them. It's just horrifying. He managed to escape with burns to his hands and face and suffered from smoke inhalation. Another sibling survived and is in the hospital in stable condition.

Needless to say, the entire family is in shock. Losing children so young is an unimaginable horror. And what is especially painful about this case is that it was the result of them stumbling across a lighter. It is so easy for kids that age to get into dangerous situations. Even when we think they should "know better" than to play with fire, it's something that happens all too often in homes across the country. Kids have no understanding of death and mortality.

To make matters worse, witnesses say the paramedics took their time getting to the children after their lifeless bodies were pulled from the home. Firefighters could be heard yelling, "Where is EMS, where is EMS?" and "Stop walking and run! Come on, let's go! There's a f-ing baby not breathing! Hurry up!"

It's all so terrible.

How do you teach your kids about the dangers of fire?


Image via Marina Silva/Flickr

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