Skydiver Falls to Death in Family's Yard During Easter Egg Hunt

skydivingCountless families across the nation took part in an Easter Sunday tradition -- the annual Easter egg hunt. This is an activity that children look forward to every year when they can rush around looking for plastic eggs filled with sugary candy and treats. But one family in New Jersey had a not-so-sweet surprise during their Easter egg hunt. A stranger fell to his death right in their backyard.

What happened?


Arkady Shenker, an experienced 49-year-old skydiver from Brooklyn, apparently lost consciousness while performing an Easter jump with over a dozen other skydivers. He was noticed by the Dye family while they were outside doing their hunt.

"I saw the jumpers. Then I noticed one, and he kind of looked like he was unconscious. He was just spinning," said Annie Marie Dye.

"We saw him coming down. He was going around and around ..." said family member Lamont Dye. "As soon as I saw that, I knew he was in trouble."

As soon as the man hit the ground, the family rushed to his aid. He was still breathing when he landed but died about an hour later at the hospital.

It's a crazy story that makes for a tragic and unforgettable Easter. I certainly hope that the children at the hunt were shielded from the accident, which is something that could scar them for years. Easter is a time for family, fun, candy, and hunts. It is not a time for men to fall to their deaths in your yard. And the poor family of the skydiver, to have a day of celebration be forever linked with a horrible accident. I've always been scared of skydiving and stories like this just make me even more terrified of the concept.

Have you even been skydiving? Would you ever take the jump even knowing the risks?

Image via Josephine Dorado/Flickr

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