Mom Finds Dead Body Under Her Deck During Easter Egg Hunt

File this under: number one thing no child or adult would ever want to find on an Easter egg hunt. A Tennessee mom was out and about in her backyard, hiding colored eggs for her 4-year-old to later uncover, when she discovered a dead, decomposing body under her deck. The woman says she had smelled something bad outside of her home for a few days and even asked someone to mow her lawn and be on the lookout for the source of the smell, but neither of them found anything.


The body, which was fully clothed, belonged to a man whom police say had probably been under her deck for at least one week and maybe two or more. So far, experts have been unable to identify the corpse because his body was so badly decomposed that they couldn't fingerprint him. They don't suspect foul play was involved, which just makes you wonder: What the heck happened here? Was the man (maybe) homeless? Had he fallen asleep and passed away under the deck?

Then again, cops are saying there is no evidence that he created a shelter beneath the large deck. We'll have to wait for the autopsy results to find out more about this strange case. Let's hope they can ID him quickly so that his family members can be made aware of what happened to him.

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I can't even imagine how this mom held it together around her young child when she came face to face with a dead body. His body was reportedly found 15 to 20 feet from the edge of the deck, which is good news because it means the child couldn't see it. Mom is going to have one heck of a story to share with her child when he or she grows up -- what a frightening nightmare!

How do you think the man ended up under this mom's deck? Would you have been able to stay calm in front of your child if you were her? 

Image via Praktyczny Przewodnik/Flickr

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