4 People Dead & 300 -- Mostly High School Students -- Missing After Ship Sinks

Four people -- a woman and three men -- are dead and almost 300 others are still missing after a ferry sank while traveling from South Korea to a nearby resort island. The ship was carrying 459 people on board and most of them were high school students on an organized field trip. As of this morning, 164 passengers -- many of whom jumped into the freezing cold Yellow Sea so they wouldn't be dragged down by the sinking ship -- have been rescued, which gives us some hope that more people will be saved.


It's still unclear what caused the ferry to sink. Some reports suggest the weather conditions were not ideal for cruise travel, while others stress that it seemed like the ship collided with something. Rescued passengers report that they heard a loud thump and then witnessed fellow passengers -- again, most of them were young teens -- knocked off their feet by the impact.

Many of the passengers who were saved jumped off the ship even though they were told to stay put. They actually had to swim to rescue boats in order to save their own lives. It is believed that those passengers who remain missing may still be trapped on the sinking ferry.

Now here's where things start to get really weird -- and will break your heart, whether or not you have children. The parents of these missing high school students have gathered at the school and are just waiting to hear news about their child. A school official reportedly announced that ALL of the students have been rescued, momentarily giving the parents a sense of false hope, but that information could not be confirmed by coastguards and other members of the rescue team. Can you imagine how these confused and distressed parents must feel?

This terrifying incident has happened just weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing. Now even more distraught family members will be forced to wonder if their loved ones are okay and pray for their safe return.

Our thoughts are with the four passengers who lost their lives on the sinking ship. Let's hope this story has a fairly happy ending and that all of the remaining missing passengers are rescued in time.

This video footage will give you a better idea of what the scene looks like, but keep in mind that the report contains information about rescued passengers that has not yet been confirmed by authorities:

What do you think caused this ferry to sink?


Image via YouTube

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