High School Students Killed in Horrific Crash After Truck Collides Into Bus (VIDEO)

What an absolutely heartbreaking story. Ten people, including five high school students, were killed in a tragic fiery crash that took place on a California highway Thursday night. The students and their adult chaperones were traveling on the I-5 from Los Angeles to visit Humboldt State University in northern California when a FedEx truck crossed a median and hit the charter bus head-on. Both vehicles erupted into flames, killing five students, three chaperones, and the drivers of both the bus and FedEx truck.


The bus was one of three packed with students from various L.A. high schools who were interested and curious about the university. We're still not sure what caused the FedEx truck to jump the median, and it could take several months before investigators solve that mystery. For now, many parents are being forced to deal with the nightmarish reality that their children have been killed or severely injured on a trip that was supposed to be a positive, educational experience.

After the crash, which witnesses say caused several explosions, at least 34 people were taken to the hospital with injuries that ranged from bruises and scratches to burns. Several victims reportedly remain in critical condition.

Some students tweeted about the terrible experience. Jonathan Gutierrez, who was admitted to the hospital, wrote: "Can't believe this happened...I was asleep and next thing you know I was jumping out for my life. Bruised leg, eyebrow cut open, scratches all over my arm, & all my stuff that I packed is burned. I'm beyond thankful that I'm still here."

There are simply no words to describe the sadness. Our hearts go out to the parents and friends of those who lost their lives, as well as the young survivors of the crash, who have to come to terms with this tragedy.

Here is video footage, including interviews with some of the survivors of the crash:

What do you suspect happened to cause the truck to collide with the tour bus?


Image via YouTube

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