Car Crashes Into Orlando Daycare Center & Injures at Least 12

A hit-and-run driver crashed a car into a KinderCare in Orlando on Wednesday afternoon, injuring at least 11 children and one adult. The daycare center offers childcare for children as young as 6 weeks old. There are no reports yet on the ages of the children harmed nor their severity, but Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Sgt. Wanda Diaz said some of the injuries are "very, very serious."

Diaz said the accident was part of a hit-and-run that began when a vehicle believed to be a silver or gray Dodge Durango crashed into a car, which then subsequently was pushed into the daycare.


The driver is still at large, and troopers are asking anyone with information to call 407-737-2300. They believe the truck to be damaged and missing its front bumper.

The victims were taken to five local hospitals, and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has asked people to pray for them. She said, "Keep them in your prayers ... together we will find whoever is responsible for this."

Another FHP official, Major Cynthia Williams, warned, "If the person out there is watching this, please turn yourself in because we will find you, and I promise you that."

Early reports indicated one fatality, but it's unconfirmed. Witnesses say that parents were gathered outside the building, going in and carrying children out one by one. Some were crying, some were being treated by emergency workers or talking to the police, and I'm willing to bet they were all pretty shaken.

How freaked out would you be if this happened at your child's daycare?


Image via Ryan Hughes/Twitter

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