The Mystery of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight May Finally Be Solved

flightIt's the sign investigators and family members of missing passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight have been waiting for. A Chinese ship has detected a pulse signal in the southern Indian Ocean. They have also made another startling discovery.


According to the Australian government, who is coordinating the search efforts, the signals are consistent with those from an airplane's black box.

However, the location of the beacon is outside of the primary search area. That said, they are not totally discounting that this could be the missing aircraft's signal.

The Chinese Air Force also spotted white objects floating near the search area. It's not yet clear if those are pieces of the plane, but at this point nothing is being ruled out.

Perhaps these could be the answers everyone is looking for. While it would be heartbreaking to learn that the plane did in fact crash and the passengers died, ultimately knowing what happened will bring the families some relief.

Do you think they will ever find out what happened to that flight?


Image via shankars/Flickr

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