Mom of 8 May Have Died in Shockingly Horrific Way After Hospital Mistake (VIDEO)

This is the stuff of your worst nightmares. An 80-year-old grandmother and mother of eight reportedly had a heart attack and died at a Los Angeles hospital. Maria de Jesus Arroyo's body was placed in a hospital freezer. This is where it gets horrific. The poor woman was allegedly not dead after all. And when she allegedly awoke in the freezer, she struggled to get out, breaking her nose and receiving cuts and bruises to her face. She may have eventually froze to death.


The family was originally suing the hospital for mishandling the body -- as the bruises and cuts on her face couldn't be covered up with makeup and attested that something had gone horribly wrong.

Eventually, a pathologist hired by the family concluded that the injuries had been sustained when Maria woke up and struggled valiantly to escape her "tomb." She managed to open her body bag halfway and turn herself over, damaging her face and breaking her nose, and eventually she was found face down by the mortician. Her reported cause of death: Frozen alive.

Now the family is suing the hospital for mistakenly declaring that the loving mom of eight was dead.

This isn't the first time we've heard of people prematurely being declared dead, but it's got to be the most terrible. If it all happened like this, I can't imagine what this poor woman was thinking and feeling when she woke up in a freezer, bundled up in a body bag. And then freezing to death. It's enough to make you want to make sure you die at home. Perhaps we need to have some kind of alarm system placed on a "dead person's" body that they can activate in case of emergency.

Ugh, what this poor family and this woman's children must be feeling. I can't imagine.

The hospital has yet to address the allegations.

Does this frighten you?

Image via CBS 2

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